Amateur Radio


The Henderson Amateur Radio Emergency Service (HARES) is made up of Federal Communications Commission (FCC)-licensed Amateur Radio Operators (AROs) who have registered their capabilities and equipment for public service. These AROs serve without monetary compensation of any kind. The HARES is directed by the Henderson County Emergency Coordinator (EC), who is appointed by the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Section Emergency Coordinator. The EC has appointed Assistant Emergency Coordinators (AEC) to assist and to serve various special areas of need. These individuals are listed in the section labeled ARES NOTIFICATION ORDER.


The HARES network furnishes backup communications in the event of an emergency or disaster when regular communications systems are disrupted or overloaded. HARES primary responsibilities are within the County of Henderson, Kentucky including all areas within the City Limits. Because HARES is part of a larger metropolitan area, we will also cooperate with surrounding communities within District 3 of Kentucky, and in Mount Vernon, Evansville, Newburgh and Boonville in Southern Indiana. Other agencies and locations may be served (as necessary) in some cases. ARES locations are not prearranged. Henderson County ARES stands ready to respond to any served agency requesting assistance within its communications capabilities.

ARES assignments are given by the (EC), or designee working as the HARES Net Control. When possible, Net Control will be worked from the HARES Emergency Operations Center (EOC) located at the Peabody Building, 1990 Barret Court, Henderson, KY 42420. ARES assignments for individuals responding to the disaster are made as needs become known and resources become available.

Please direct your questions to Kimber Heddens, Emergency Coordinator for Henderson County.