Emergency Management System

Our Mission is to coordinate an Emergency Management System of Mitigation, Preparedness, Response & Recovery to Protect the Lives, Environment & Property of the People of Henderson & Henderson County.

Emergency Management Agency

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EOC Executive Staff

Co Judge Executive - Brad Schneider
Henderson City Mayor - Steve Austin
Director Henderson EM - Larry Koerber

EOC Staff Members

Below is a listing of staff members of the Henderson County EOC.

Director - Larry Koerber
Deputy Director - Kenny Garrett
SAR Coordinator - Bryant Woodard
Operations, LEPC Records, Radio Comms, Weather Coordinator - Kenny Garrett
CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) Coordinator - Phyllis Blasser / Kimber Heddens
Public Information Officer - Larry Koerber
Resource Coordinator - Melvin Fulkerson

Operations Team

Manager - Larry Koerber
Assistant - Kenny Garrett
Display specialist - Chris Raymer
Automation Support - Kenny Garrett
Call Director - Vera Mayes
EOC Floor Manager - Glenn Powell
Operations Officer - Glenn Powell
Operations Specialists - Melvin Fulkerson
EOC Security - HPD

Assessment Team

Assessment Specialist - Kimber Heddens

Communications Team

Manager - Kenny Garrett

Field Operations Team

Field Coordinator - Glenn Powell

Note: These EOC staffing and assignments are the responsibility of the identified persons or their designated representatives.