Preparation Statement aka Scrivners Statement

KRS 382.335
Provides that virtually all documents filed in land records contain the author's name, address and signature.
Example: Prepared by: __________________________________
John B. Jones
Attorney At Law
200 E. Main St.
Lexington, KY 40507
The statute provides that the author's signature can be a facsimile on the statement. This means that a stamp or a computerized signature is acceptable on the preparation statement.
Documents that have a "Reviewed by" statement do not meet the requirements of a "Preparation Statement".
See OAG 62-563 for opinion on preparation statements
The statute requires that the preparation statement must be on the document prior to any attachments or exhibits.
This act does not apply to documents executed prior to July 1, 1962
Some documents do not require preparation statements. Examples of some are: Power of Attorney, corporate record documents (such as articles of incorporation, assumed names and partnership agreements), government liens and wills. (This is not intended to be an all inclusive list.)