Address Procedures

Street Address Agency

The Henderson City-County Planning Commission is the official agency that assigns street addresses throughout Henderson County. The contact person for addressing information in the City and County of Henderson is Heather Lauderdale.  Heather can be reached by phone at (270) 831-1289 or by email at

Previously Occupied Buildings

If you move into a residence or building that was previously occupied, you should use the street address already assigned to that location. If there is not a visible street address on the building or mailbox, you should be able to obtain the address from the former occupant, the landlord or the post office that serves the delivery area. If a street address was not assigned to that location, follow the procedures below for new buildings.

New Buildings

If your new residence or building is located in a new subdivision an address has already been assigned. The address should be in your deed or on the subdivision plat (a copy of which is kept in the Planning Commission office, call 270-831-1289; or may be available from the developer of the subdivision).

Corner Lots

Corner lots will be assigned a number for each street. The number assigned on the street the building faces is the number that will be used.


Once a building permit has been issued by the County Code Administrator an address request form (PDF) along with a copy of the subdivision plat or site plat of the parcel to be addressed can be submitted to the Planning Commission office for the address to be assigned.