Henderson City-County Rescue Squad

Whatever the circumstance, incidents involving a lost person are a wrenching experience for the family involved. Often the entire community shares in their anxiety through the coverage of the news media.

At such times, public authorities need to organize a search using all available resources appropriate to the situation and location. Such resources traditionally include ground searchers, air scent or tracking dogs, and sUAS (Drone) aircraft. The Henderson County Search & Rescue Team offers highly trained, highly skilled, and credentialed first responders including a newly added team mounted on horseback. 

It is important to note that there is no need to delay a search for any amount of time once a person is found to be overdue, missing or lost. Please see Kentucky law KRS 39f.180 para (8).

Search and Rescue in Henderson Kentucky is an all hands effort. The Henderson City/County Rescue Squad holds the charter for Henderson County to provide Search and Rescue services, but other first responder agencies as well as public works, utilities and even the Henderson County School system are made aware of missing persons using our emergency alerting system Hyper-Reach. The more eyes we can get looking for someone, even if it's from a moving vehicle, the better chance we have of locating the missing person as quickly as possible. 

Henderson City / County Rescue Squad

The Henderson City/County Rescue Squad provides ground searchers, search and rescue on the Ohio and Green Rivers within and around Henderson County as needed through existing mutual aid agreements. Additionally, they provide incident command services to the Henderson Office of Emergency Management and the Henderson County Search and Rescue Coordinator.

The Henderson City/County Rescue Squad also administers the Project Lifesaver Program for Henderson County. Project Lifesaver offers a means of tracking a person who may have tendencies to wander due to dementia or other brain disorders.

How to Report a Missing Person

If you suspect you know of a missing, lost or overdue person, you should call Henderson 911 by dialing 911 or calling (270) 827-8700 and provide as much information as possible. Taking a few minutes to answer all questions will pay off with speedier recoveries. Cooperate as much as possible with law enforcement. Local law enforcement will contact the Henderson Office of Emergency Management office once a search mission has been identified. 

The Henderson County Search and Rescue (SAR) Coordinator (KRS 39f.090) is responsible for coordinating and planning for local search and rescue activities. 

Safety Tips

You should always tell someone where you are going, you itinerary, what you are wearing, a description of the vehicle you will be traveling in, and what gear you are taking with you. You should always take sufficient gear for the duration of the trip. 

Hikers should always check their back trail, so it is familiar if return is necessary and use your notes in major wilderness areas. If you become lost or confused, stop and think. You may backtrack if possible, and trust your compass. Do not travel more than a short distance, if you do not know where you are going. Instead, you should build a shelter, keep warm, and make noise so SAR teams may find you. The more you move around, the harder it is to find you. Find a tree and hug it. 

Essential Gear

  • Matches or a butane lighter in waterproof containers
  • Maps and compass (and experience with using them)
  • Extra clothing (dress in dry layers)
  • Water
  • Space blanket
  • Cordage
  • Whistle
  • First Aid Kit and Medications
  • Headlamp or flashlight and extra batteries

Join our Team

If you're looking to join the SAR team in Henderson County, KY, please complete this form and someone will follow up with you ASAP.


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